Sunday, May 24, 2009

Well...guess what I did?


Late last night (technically it was earrrrrrrly this morning, at about 1:40ish am) I began snipping at my hair. When I finished and twisted it all up for bed, it was after 4 am. I was sooooo tired I couldn't even be excited! :( LOL

I wasn't nervous at all...likely because I was so tired when I began. My eyes were going all cross trying to look at the back of my head and cut. I was recording with my Macbook, a camcorder and TRYING to take pics with my Fuji camera. TRUST, this was not a one woman job and I FAILED! lol Didn't take nearly as many pictures as I had hoped or thought I would. But I did mangae to get this.

Sooo....looks like I'm "au naturale" now, huh? :<) I'm still so very tired. After I've gotten more rest, I'll post my reflections and maybe some pictures of my hair styled...likely a wash and go.




    ~Kinky Rhonnie @