Saturday, May 9, 2009

*cues the music* Oops, I did it again...

This time it wasn't out of frustration, but...just 'cause. My twist out was busted and when I walked into the bathroom my ends were yelling, "Cut me, cut me!" So...I did. :D

Look at the length of some of those pieces! But you know what? I wasn't "in shock" afterwards or anything. I had planned to put my hair in a flat twist bun today...but after my hair cutting frenzy as of late I don't know how that will work out. Oh well!

Fast forward >>>

I hopped in the shower and decided to go ahead and wash my hair while I was in there... and I start to laugh OUT LOUD! Why? Because I can feel the fifty million different lengths in my head at this time. LOL I shrugged my shoulders and kept going. I really did a whack job on the left side of my head let me tell you!

I got out of the shower and realized that the left side of my hair (in the very back) is in fact significantly shorter AND with the exception of a few strands is almost completely natural (in that spot, of course). So...what do I do?

You guessed it!!

So here is the left side of my hair (in the back) in comparison to the right. (no product)

Now to camouflage the cutting I've done. LOL


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