Sunday, April 12, 2009

Look what I tried...

Shout out to my girl, tru_blu09 from, for the information and encouragement to try putting a bun in my hair. This was my first attempt ever at using one of those bun "thingies" and it turned out ok ...even though it's off centered. LOL I'm pretty happy with my initial effort!

I decided to give in and experiment last night since today is wash day (By the way - I've yet to do anything to my hair as of yet...and it's almost 3:30pm!)

Oh, and just in case one of you would like to give this a try, I used one of these bun rings:

And I followed this YouTube tutorial prepared by Marand313. I didn't use the oils, etc that she used because I used the "mesh" versus the styrofoam-like ring. Because of this I didn't see the need to worry about my hair drying out. That and it was only in while I ran out for ice cream late last night. :<)

Just wanted to share my joy. :<)


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