Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dropping in to say hi...

Summer is over, I'm back at work - refreshed and ready to serve!! I decided to come into work today and get some things done, but what am I doing instead? Taking hair pics! LOL *ashamed* Weeeeell, since I've taken them I might as well post them...right?

I'm particularly pleased with my hair today, it's FIFTH day hair. I used Kinky Curly Curling Custard over Tresemme Naturals (the no cone one - LOVE that condish!) and let it air dry as usual. Now, of course it's a little flat in some places in the morning so I lightly spritz it with water each day and shake. Usually my hair gets bigger and bigger each day as I spritz an old wash and go (which I LOVE), but KCCC makes my curls shrink up more than any other gel so it's no where near as fluffy on day 5. But it's ok I guess, I like it. You'll see the left side is fluffier than the right...guess I didn't shake hard enough. lol I might just fluff it with my hand in a minute.

At any rate, here's my hair today. I'm glad I decided to give KCCC another try, not too shabby.

The first picture is the left side, the second is the right side and the bottom pic is the back. All pics can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Oh wait...let me give you a length shot. Shrinkage is the devil, let me tell you! This is today, I'm BSL (Bra Strap Length), right? If you look closely you can see my black bra strap because my blouse is pretty sheer (click on pics to enlarge). I'm thinking about cutting it though. Haven't made up my mind yet, but I want a different look and I don't really care about the length all that much. It's just cool to watch it grow.

Alright, I'm outta here...time to get some work done. For real this time! LOL Oh, but lemme tell was rough trying to take this pic by myself!! Thankfully I remembered I could take pics with my MacBook, it has that little timer feature... I was getting no where fast with my Palm Pre Plus! hahaha

Photobucket Toodles!

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