Thursday, July 15, 2010

Some random hair pics :<)

Hi everyone! *waves to all*

I took these last week and since I can't sleep...I thought I'd come on here and post them. Nothing spectacular, I was just lounging around in my sarong (Man, I love this thing! lol ) after washing my hair and decided to take some pics. Problem is, I've screwed up the settings on my real camera and it's too complicated for me to figure out what I've done...AGAIN! *ashamed to admit this* Soooo, these were taken with my Palm Pre Plus.

At any rate, here ya go...random hair pics. July 24th will make 14 months natural!! I'm still extremely happy with my decision. (You can click on each to enlarge- if you're bored. LOL)

Photobucket Toodles!


  1. love it your hair is Gorgeous keep up the good work

  2. Just transitioned to natural hair and I love it!!
    Love your blog as well <3

  3. Thank you all (Mrs Jaye, Journey to Natural and Valencia Shanelle) so much!!! *HUGS* Congrats to you Valencia!