Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The thrill is gone. :/

As a test run, I turned McSteamy on after the set up and all seemed fine. Last night around 10:30 (yes, 10:30pm lol) I decided I couldn't wait any longer and NEEDED to steam my hair. I co-washed, slathered conditioner in my hair and turned on my steamer. What happened? Water started leaking from it. :/ I was NOT pleased.

*rewind* Upon unboxing McSteamy, I noticed that the waste water cup/ bottle was crushed. After "inflating" it I saw that the crushing of it had left indentations in the bottle that I feared would lead to leakage, but decided to wait before calling Salons R Us. However, this leaking was coming from the machine itself and not my crushed, yet revived bottle. *sigh*

So needless to say, I was up til all hours of the night TRYING to fix this thing...to no avail. I was busy at work today and was unable to call, but I plan to do so on tomorrow. I'm extremely sad, disappointed and upset. I was so looking forward to my first steam treatment. This is my anniversary gift and now...a let down. *pouts* YES, I am pouting!

Well...I'll keep you posted on how things go.

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