Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hair day adventures

I attempted my first ever flat twists on my hair this past wash day (Sunday). I was afraid it would look a HOT MESS considering how bad they looked when I was done...but it turned out ok.

What did I do?
  • Shampoo'ed with Trader Joe's Nourish Spa
  • Conditioned with Aussie Moist
  • Sprayed hair with mix: aloe vera juice/rose water/wheat germ oil/Castor oil/glycerin/ACV(first time including it)
  • Sealed hair with sweet almond oil and ends with shea butter
  • Applied a quarter size amount of Giovanni's Direct Leave in throughout hair
  • Applied Lustrasilk's Cholestorol + Shea butter & Mango as my styling cream
  • Forgot to add my Chi Silk Infusion so I spritzed my finished twists with Chi 44 Iron Guard as a heat protectant in case I needed to sit under my Pibbs Kwik Dryer before bed...and I did.

Here are some pics of the HORRIBLE looking flat twists I did...be gentle, it really was my first time. Oh..and try to overlook all the gray. I definitely need to order some henna ASAP! LOL

And here is the finished product. Not too bad for my first time...if I must say so myself. Don't ask what I was thinking with the front...I still don't know. LOL I'm working on that.


  1. Girl, you did well!! And those flat twists look good, ESPECIALLY for your first time.

  2. Thank you so much!! I'm shocked they came out looking decent. lol (I'm such a newb at this, I just found out I had pending comments *embarassed*)

  3. girl stop.. my hair couldn't do that if I tried!

  4. LOL @ Candii! And YES, it could! YouTube is your friend! lol