Friday, January 7, 2011

Hair Pretties!! ...what every girl needs

Hello everyone!!! *waves*

I hope everyone of you had a safe and wonderful holiday season and New Years! 
My intention was to post this before now, but life got a little busy.  If you don't mind, I'd like to share  some of the hair pretties  I purchased for my daughter as  Christmas gifts. (They were supposed to be stocking stuffers, but I couldn't get them all to fit. LOL)    Aren't they FABULOUS?! She LOVES them! ...and so do I! 

Oh...and don't y'all laugh at my Bratz Doll Head "models" or the chop job that Lil OMJ did on them. 

These two are from Ross. The cream heart shaped flowers on wide band was 5.99 and the purple flower band was 3.99.  When I saw that heart shaped one I all but SCREAMED right there in Ross. I HAD to get it for her!  All I could see was Lil OMJ setting that off with a FIERCE twist out! Oh yea!

Both from Ross, 3.99 each. The silver leather-like flower is on a thin black metal band and the pink flower is on a thin pink (painted) metal band.

These two I purchased at an Asian BSS, both on thin satin covered bands. I believe they were 2.99.

This one I LOVE! The band and flower are brown leather. 9.99 at Target

The studded pink headband was purchased at an Asian BSS - 2.99 and the satin jeweled one was purchased at Ross for 3.99. ...I should take another pic, this one doesn't do the studded band justice. It really is super cute!

This flower clip is the cutest!! 1.99 at Burlington Coat Factory.

All 4 of these were purchased at an Asian BSS. The sequined ones were 1.99 and are on 1.5 inch stretchy bands - similar to the Goody bands.  The leather bun clip was 2.99 (I think)  - Carolina Blue  baby!!!

The black jeweled headband is the same as the one in picture 5. The double rope braided band was 2.99 at Ross.

I had sooo much fun shopping for these over the holidays. I always check out the hair pretties regardless of the store I enter...ya never know what you might find!!  I also found some of the cutest beanies for her...maybe I'll post those next. 
I hope you all enjoyed taking a peek at some of my daughter's newest hair dazzlers!



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